General Update and update on remix 2019 Merman art

Hello, I like many have been struggling a little of late with the whole COVID-19 situation, it is a terrible time and has impacted on all of us across the world in many diffrent ways but despite what has been happening there have been opertunities for people to show little acts of kindness and I have been the benefactor of one.

I'm a physiotherapist and my husband is a mircobiologist. We both work in hospitals and for the NHS so have continued to go into work over the last few weeks and sent our children away to self isolate with family - I'm not going to go in to details but its been hard and my son has found it vey difficult and there have been issues which came to ahead last week - consquently it has been a real strain so I've not been feeling at  my best.

Today I recieved a wonderful gift fic from the imcomparible polomonkey and it could not have come at a better time. A little act of kindness goes a long way and I can't express how much it means to me. Writing a fic of course is not little, I'm awed by the friends I have that are incredible writers.  I'm not a gifted writer but I do know about the effort that goes into creating a story and the joy that can be direved form reading it, so thank you. Thank you so much.

Not only did Polo gift me a story but it was inspired by my merman remix art that by collaborator never completed.

I posted this merman art last year as part of 2019 camelot remix but my original partner has yet to post the story, I can't lie, I was disapointed as I don't know what happened. I hope she is alright and I wish her all the best.
Some of the artist that posted for remix in 2019 had multiple authors wanting to write storties for them so for Polomonkey to be inspired by mine is a great hounour. I have read the first two chapters and for anyone who has been under a rock and has not spotted it, here is this link, it's called Spindrift I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did /do.

Stay safe everyone and to all who are finding it hard, we will get through this and things will get better eventally.

Hurt and comfort bingo

Ive just completed my Hurt and Comfort Bingo Challenge for Febuary Many thanks to camelittle and tari_sue for their help in betaring

Hurt and Comfort Bingo: February Challenge:


Fandoms: BBC Merlin

H/C: Telepathic trauma, haunted, exhaustion and Wild card:separation

Title: Can you hear me?

Medium: Art / Fic (2000 words)

Rating: G

Warnings: Past canon death

Summary: It has been fifteen hundred years since Camlann and Merlin defies the gods and tries to see Arthur again, exhausting himself in the process.

LINK to A03: https://archiveofourown.org/works/22878340

In other news I have signed up for ACBB with the lovely Tari-sue and for camelot Remix

The Birthday Gift

It is my birthday today and traditionally at work when it is your special day you bring cakes for everyone else, obviously I can't do that but I can do art, so I have. There are a lot of birthdays in February, and mine is sandwhiched between those two great titans of the fandom merlocked18 and polomonkey who not only are immensely talented but are my good friends too. This is for you guys and was inspired by the live mouse my cat brought me this morning.


Bingo Vertical Line

Hurt and Comfort Bingo:

Aiming for: Single line bingo, Steadfast achievement, Serial Pleasures Achievement
Mods: I was unable to find a tag for touch-starved

Author: LFB72
Fandoms: Merlin
H/C: list of prompts written: Assault, Unconsciousness, Interrogation, Bruises, Touch-starved

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Mods, I tried to put stuff under the cut but it just disappeared, then I tried inserting the 'cut' and it did not do anything sorry. This is the second time I tired as the first time it was rejected for incorrect formatting so I hope this is alright

ACBB 2019

I collaborated with three fantastic Writers in this years ACBB. I have had the pleasure of working with all of these wonderful writers before and it was a pleasure to work with them again So a huge shout out tobunnysworld, rotrude and clea2011

Big thank you also to merlinsdeheune who has been my art beta for a number of years and has been a fantastic help. Unfortunately she has now left the fandom.

merlocked18 has also been a huge help and inspiration and where would I be without camelittle and the fantastic tari_sue and her gift making skills.

I am so lucky to have such brilliant and talented friends within the fandom.

I will admit I have been really struggling the with time and work / family commitments and have been panicking about my holidays fest but I finally made some headway yesterday and I am determined to complete it as I don't want to let anyone down.

Anyway for anyone who hasn't please check out these awesome stories that I had the pleasure of creating art for - all so very different and diverse:
The Prat Whisperer By Bunnysworld
Vârcolac by Rotrude and
Gladiator by Clea2011


I also did two cannon Fest entries

I did two remixes and two reverses too but I think already posted links to them.

Thanks for Taking a peek- amazing that the fandom is still going after all this time


So bunnysworld and I posted our big bang yesterday. She has wrote a wonderful story and there is a link to it in the art post. I had a real challenge drawing horses which is not an area I have experience in but I persevered and I'm quite pleased with the results.
Posting ACBB is so stressful after months of hard work you just hope people will like what has been produced. I have more ACBB posts which I'm still completing but this is the first.


Fic Rec

I got a gift today! My fandom friend Caldera32 wrote me a lovely hurt and comfort Merlin fic for my birthday back in February. She posted it today which means others will get the opportunity to read it.


Caldera32 has written some amazing stories, she specialises in canon era, hurt and comfort and some action adventure. I credit her with getting me into the fandom, I read and was inspired by her stories and she kindly offered to beta my fledgling fics. Without her encouragement and help I doubt I would have got actively involved in the fandom.

Summary: Merlin's past few days had already been too eventful, then he had to go and summon the White Goddess as well...

This even nudges into merthur territory which she doesn't usually do. It's a lovely little fic please check it out

Camelot Remix 2019

Camelot remix reveals were last weekend and I finally get to say thank you. Firstly to the mods for organising and running the fest and to the person I received a gift from and the people I created ones for.

I had the pleasure of remixing the wonderful artypendragon and her lovely poignant but funny fic 'Heal' and can now thank shweet_heart,tari_sue and merlinsdeheune who helped beta and offer huge support. Their input was invaluable. Here is my remix https://archiveofourown.org/works/18979582

I also had the opportunity to remix art (which I've never done before ) for the fabulous altocello when I remixed her incredible art 'The Alban Arthan and Alban Helfin' many thanks to amphigoury for their advice and help. Here is my remix https://archiveofourown.org/works/19733434

Last but not least a huge thank you to clotpolesonly who adapted my glasses inspired little birthday cartoon to elveatashttps://archiveofourown.org/works/19245313 here is the fantastic fic created for me https://archiveofourown.org/works/19043377