Merlin Winter knights

Winter knights were revealed yesterday, so I can finally post my offering, 'Secret Santa' which was an art / words combo for the wonderful slantedknitting.

The festivities may seem a distant memory, replaced by much more trying and worrying times but I post on the off chance someone is out there who would welcome some whimsy from a happier time.

I guess I should have waited a little bit for Merlin holiday reveals too but I thought I'd get in there whilst the odd lonely house still has lights on and peoples gifts haven't broken or been dis-guarded.

Happy new year to everyone and good luck with creative endeavours. Lets hope things in this crazy world we're living in will improve in the months ahead.


Well another year another ACBB over for me, This year I had the pleasure of working with tari_sue and slantedknitting They were both fantastic writers and I enjoyed collaborating with them very much.

It's been an odd day, I got sent home from work yesterday as I have a cold but since I work in a hospital with vulnerable people I've had to have a test for COVID -19 and have to self isolate until the results come back.

I only did two ACBB this year but that was my limit I've found it quite difficult what with the demands of work and the world gone crazy but I did work my socks off and put my heart an soul into those.

To compound matters I've signed up for a challenge next year (swim the English channel) so I've been trying to fit open water swimming in around everything else and have found my self falling asleep in the middle of watching something or trying to write / draw. Consequently I'm behind on my reading and everything else.

Ive completed my canon piece which will be posted at the end of the month and then, I don't know, I don't know if I should sign up for winter knights or Hoildays I love those fests and I love creating things for other people but I just don't know.

Anyhow here are the links to the two ACBB and my remix of a 70/80's inspired roller disco Arthur which was my entry for remix which I did forpelydryn77. and my collaboration with the tremendously talented schweet_heart who I collaborated with for the Merlin athology


Please take a look and tell me what you think and please, please read the wonderful stories by tari_sue and slantedkitting

Merlin Anthology

Back in 2018 I heard about an ambitious project to celebrate 10 years of Merlin where fans create art and stories that form the basis of a book: Resurrection: BBC Merlin Fanthology

I had the opportunity to collaborate with the immensely talented schweet_heart and provide art for her story 'Carry my Heart' I did too much so now I can include the pictures that weren't used in the book

This is part of a collection on A03 so if the contributors start posting there, you can see the all the wonderful work that went into making the anthology happen


Remix reveals were yesterday. I got to remix for pelydryn77 and it gave me thd opertunity to paint Arthur reborn as a 1980s roller king rgpleat in shades and red hot satin shorts.

If you missed it here it is https://archiveofourown.org/works/24813058

I had fun painting this even though it seams like a lifetime ago since i did it!

I also want to rave about the wonderful remix i recieved from slantedknitting who did a fantastically whimsical remix of my merman art from last years reverse. Its amazing if yoh have not read it yeyvplease do and shower SK withvthe love she deserves https://archiveofourown.org/works/24278164

Now all Ive got to dovis finish ary for ACBB and catch io with all the fabulous remixes

Happy Birthday Rotrude

Happy Birthday rotrude hope you have a wonderful day. I was going to do a Rapunzel style thing with Arthur's hair getting out of control during lock down but I did not manage it - maybe some other time

Hope you have a lovely day