[sticky post]Happy Birthday POLO!
Happy Birthday Polo!

Hermes' bottom
This is for Wasp and Clea - inspired by the Greek gods !

Cave man Arthur
This bit of silly fun came about from a conversation on chatzy Merlocked18 and I, both decided to depict Caveman Arthur and this was my response (tidied up a bit)

I've been quite busy, in addition to this, I've posted three pieces of art on A03 in less than a week - which has to be a record!

Wales comic con
So, I've bought my ticket to Wales Comic Con!! Eeek!

I'm still not sure what we're doing the week before, so I may not be able to go but it seemed like too good an opportunity to miss since I'm so close, travel and accommodation are not an issue.

I've also booked a ticket to see 'Waiting for you' in Ludlow - again it's close..ish. Two hour drive but I can go straight from work since I finish at 4:00pm on a Friday.

Incidentally does anyone no how you can see the 'Laughing King'? I was expecting it to be released but it never has, then there was a thing on the internet about it being streamed today but the site has shut down.

Almost time...
So, I have posted my two submissions for Merlin reverse - it's out of my hands now, just got to wait and see what happens.

I have my date for Reel Merlin (08 Feb) it's all finished and ready to go; sitting in my drafts over in A03. I'm quite pleased with how it's turned out. I ended up doing 11 pieces of art and a small fic, so quite a labour of love no matter what happens.

I've got itchy fingers now. I drew a pic inspired by This Cold December Night, a wonderful entry for Merlin holidays 2016 by kim47 ( http://archiveofourown.org/works/9473240 ).

The Dragon was my wonderful secret Santa for Merlin holidays and wrote the beautiful Through smoke and Fire thttp://archiveofourown.org/works/8686033e. So I might tackle dragon Merlin facing Arthur for my next project. That was the image in my head when I made my request.

I'm still making my way through some of the holiday fics I bookmarked and now there is ACBB to look forward to. Plenty to keep me busy. I also participated in Merlin chat yesterday which was a lovely experience - so nice to say Hello

Goog luck to everyone participating in the up and coming fests. I look forward to viewing all the other artists in Merlin reverse and all the entrees in Reel Merlin.

So, almost time to post Merlin-holidays and winter knights! Both excited and really nervous too.

I hope my recipient will be pleased with what I've done and I manage to post successfully without cocking anything up.

I've done one picture for Merlin reverse but need to do my second

Currently working on Reel Merlin, which is finally coming together. I have one picture left to rough out and then I can start working them up - a fair few still need the attention of my beta, so I will probably have to edit before I can start to colour them in.

I'm in a bit of a quandary - I have written a little bit of text to link my art and put it in context. Whilst I was planning,I got a bit carried away and wrote a little more and I don't know if I should just stick with the minimum of words to glue things together and let the art speak for it's self or embellish the story with dialog and add a bit of depth?

I have not written anything in nearly a year, so I'm rusty and it would need betaering but it felt good to write something again- even if it does not see the light of day.

I guess my priority would be to finish the art and keep it minimalist first and then see what happens. Any advice would be welcome.

Hope everyone else is going ok with their projects
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Art Beta
Would anyone be interested in being an Art beta for me?
I've entered several fests:

reel_merlin Take #8.

winterknights Holiday Fest 2016.

merlin_holidays Fest 2016

and want to sign up for Merlin Reverse.

DYlogger was tremendous on ACBB but I know she is very busy and I don't want to impose.

I do traditional art, I had help with foreshortening and perspective which I think has improved quite a lot but any help will be gratefully and enthusiastically received.

Amendment to above:
Yeah! DYlogger said she would beta for me !! Whoop whoop! I'm such a lucky girl - better do some work!

Aftermath of the ACBB
I can't believe the ACBB is almost over! I've really enjoyed participating, my three writers were amazing (Bunnysworld, Lairofthe dragon and Camelittle)and made the whole experience a joy. DYLogger my art beta was indispensable. Thank you so much Guys!!

I have loved viewing all the art and working my way through the fics and hope this last week some of the participants who weren't able to post on their date may be able too squeeze under the wire.

Having been in such an art frenzy, I'm now finding it hard to get going again. I signed up for Reel Merlin, the hoildays Merlin and want to do the Merlin Reverse too.

I have some really clear ideas and images but I'm yet to draw anything and need to pull my finger out and get going again but finding it difficult.

It's my daughters 7th birthday on Friday and I've bought some face paints (how hard can it be?)for the ensuing chaos and party. I wanted to practice drawing a tiger on my hubby but he wasn't having it but my daughter let me practice, this is my effort so far

The deal is she gets to do my face!

ACBB is almost over, it's been such a fantastic experience so far, not just as a particapant but seeing and reading all the wonderful creations artists and writers have posted and yet to post.

So when Lair of the Drafon suggested more, I jumped at the chance and have signed up for Reel Merlin and intend to sign up for the holiday exchange one since I like drawing for other people so it seems appropriate. One that note, I finally got around to doing an illustration for Camelittle's, Brighter Spells

Merlin the water nymph
I thought I would try posting some of my art on live journal. This is for Camelittle, inspired by her one shot 'Aquarius'.

Naiad The Water Nymph


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